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October 2014 meeting minutes

Meeting called order @ 702pm Members present: ——————- Jason S.             KF5EJX Jim K.                  AB5JK Cici K.                  AA5EK Matt Ruiz .          New member David  H.              W5DUH Catherine Tull.    KG5EDD, New member Garry.                 K5QOW David  B.               WA6YJW —————————— The treasurer report was … Continue reading

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October 2014 meeting

Will be soon! On the 28th. We will be meeting at the UMH’s Education Conference Room again, from now on, like we did years ago. Be there!

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2014 JARTS WW RTTY Contest result

The one man KN5S contest team has this score to report for the 2014 JARTS WW RTTY Contest: Better than last year; but we could have used a few more operators!

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Never again!!!!!

Not this year. And, hell no: never again! With the JARTS WW RTTY Contest approaching this weekend I got a friendly reminder of it in my email from Mr. Hisami 7L4IOU. He was also kind to mention the link to … Continue reading

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Makro what???

KN5S participated in the Makrothen RTTY Contest this past weekend. Big fun, even though part of the team felt like going on a fishing trip. 😉 This is a true DX contest, in that points are based on the number … Continue reading

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The numbers are in

You don’t have to look at all the numbers. Numbers can be horribly boring. They’re only “fun” for number crunchers like myself. But in this case they do prove that the new beam antenna works. Jason KF5EJX (*) and I … Continue reading

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Please welcome KG5EDD to the hobby

Also known as Catherine Tull. She took and passed the Technician license exam after the September meeting; and was assigned KG5EDD. Congrats, again!

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