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Here it is!

The result of Field Day 2015: due to various varying variables we had to relocate to the club shack at the very last minute. That turned out to be a blessing; because this part of Texas got way too much … Continue reading

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It’s official!

Field Day 2015 will be held in our top secret location across from the hospital this weekend (so not at Kickapoo Cavern Park). Please bring your own grass, weeds and dirt 🙂 (and insect repellant always helps, too).

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June 2015 meeting minutes

Start 7:00- end 7:10 then testing. Attending David W5DUH, Jim AB5JK, Gary K5QOW and Mr. Charles Waller. Charles passed the technician portion of the test. Field day is still on at Kickapoo Cavern State Park. At this time the beloved … Continue reading

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‘t Was the meeting before Field Day…

And everything was so not quiet! June’s meeting is on the 23. There may be some last minute arrangements to be made before Field Day; so show yourself 🙂

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Our apologies

For the past 5 days JustHost (where this website is located) has been under a DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. This resulted in our website not being available most of the time; and also in email not being … Continue reading

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June meeting

The June meeting will be on the 23rd. That is the Tuesday before Field Day, to allow for last-minute planning. Come!

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