Disaster has struck!!

We need everybody at the February meeting, Tuesday the 23rd. Please show up!!

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4 Responses to Disaster has struck!!

  1. James Hensarling says:

    Enjoyed making some hunt and pounce contacts this last weekend during the ARRL CW DX Contest. Ten meters was open. I made about 50 contacts in an hour and a half including BY1D. I must admit, some of those CW Operators really operate at high speed. Used the Yaesu FT-1000D at 100 watts into an inverted Vee at 22 feet. #casualoperator #cantcopy40wpm de WW5XX

    • C. A. R. C. says:

      Good to hear you had fun!

      And sorry I couldn’t reply to your request for meeting location and time on Tuesday. I had hail damage to fix…

      For future reference: the meeting location and times can be found be using the menu at the top of the website.

  2. James Hensarling says:

    Was that the hand of Erik, K5WW, that was shown on KENS TV San Antonio, holding Golf Ball Size Hailstones from Brackettville? #whatacoincidence de WW5XX

    • C. A. R. C. says:

      That may have been my hand, yes, holding some of the crap that was thrown at our heads 30 minutes earlier. I emailed them a picture; but didn’t realize they actually showed it on TV until you asked. Too busy repairing all the giant holes in the roof, with the generous help of Jason KS5TX!

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