January meeting

Your opportunity to wish all of us (and vice versa) a Happy New Year is coming up.

Tuesday January 22 at 7 PM in the hospital’s Education Conference Room.

There are still some of those fabulous 2019 ARRL calendars available 🙂

See you there!

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2019 ARRL calendar

Now available from K5WW: the beautiful, 13 month 2019 ARRL calendar!

4 bucks a piece! Ask at the next meeting. Or email k5ww@live.com if you want one mailed to you (in which case postage will have to be added, sorry!)


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Special Event Station announcement from WA6YJW

Hi All,

I am getting settled in here in Panama.

One of the local hams (HP3AK) has set up a special event primarily because of the visitor from Japan that will be here for about 2 weeks.

The event will begin on the 13th of January and go through the 31st of January.

It will be concentrating primarily on 160m on FT8. Other bands and modes listed on QRZ website. More to be added.

Special event license is: H33J

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No December 2018 meeting

Due to a number of unforeseen circumstances the December meeting has been rescheduled to January 22, 2019.


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Wait, wait…

Minor correction to the December meeting schedule for those who want to spend time with a pine tree on the 25th.

Let’s do it on the 18th, 7 PM. BYOT.

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December 2018 meeting

How does December 25 at 7 PM sound? Good? OK, see you there! 😉

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No minutes for the November 27, 2018 meeting

Excused: Jim AB5JK, Mary KU5Z, John KG5ZTH and Erik K5WW.

Our apologies for those who waited around in the parking lot.

Next meeting: next month.

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November 2018 meeting

Since last month’s meeting was such a huge success we may have to find a larger building. If that’s the case we’ll announce it here.

For now: meeting in the education conference room, at 7 PM on the 27th.

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October 23, 2018 meeting minutes

Attending: Jim AB5JK and Erik K5WW. Excused: Dave WA6YJW.

No disorderly conduct this time; so the meeting was started as soon as everyone was seated. And took of their rain coats. Not necessarily in that order.

Biggest news: our EchoLink and AllStar nodes will be offline for a few days.  The “old” hardware was disconnected a few days ago. Jim is implementing the latest and greatest soft- and hardware; but he is making good progress so the wait for everything to go live again will be minimal.

Treasurer report: $1,200.05, after the purchase of the new vertical antenna for our repeater. That antenna has been received; and keeps screaming to get installed.

Smaller accessories and coax connectors for the new installation and general maintenance of the other antennas were ordered and received and relocated to K5WW’s trunk. They too keep screaming to be installed; but KU5Z got tired of having to put in ear plugs at night so those items can now scream away – in the trunk.

In other words: we’re as good as ready. All we need is a day of mild weather, and our lift (not Lyft) driver to travel down this way, some time in November. Which is just around the corner, so we’re excited!

Other news: Dave WA6YJW is about to move to Panama. We tried to talk him out of it; but no-go. The beaches must be so nice! 🙂

Meeting adjourned at 8:03 PM GPS time. See ya next time!

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October 2018 meeting

Oktoberfest? Boring!

CARC meetings? Super exiting!!!!

7 PM on the 23rd.

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