Club station

Yup, we have one! It is located on the Uvalde Memorial Hospital grounds. Below is a picture of the situation on January 30th, 2015.


CARC clubstation – click to enlarge

The main operating position is on the left. It consists of a Kenwood TS-590S, connected to a logging computer. It runs N1MM Logger Plus for contesting, DXKeeper for daily logging and a host of digital mode programs. All of these programs can automatically control our Yaesu G-450a rotator with the use of PstRotator to turn our 5 band Spiderbeam. The radio is interfaced to a Winkey for CW contesting and a modified Rigblaster Nomic for FSK RTTY and all other digital modes.

In addition to the Spiderbeam we have a multiband vertical, a full size G5RV and full size dipole for 80 meters.

The radio in the middle is a Yaesu FT-450D. It is part of the UMH’s backup communication system; but in times where there are no emergencies around the corner it can quite often be found in the club shack in the second operating position. It is hooked up to a laptop for fully automatic frequency and mode logging and has the same digital mode capabilities as operating position one.

To the far right is our wonderful president’s Kenwood TS-2000. It just happened to be in the shack on this particular day; but it too spends quite of bit of time in this shack. Here it is attached to the Diamond 6 meter antenna, just awaiting an opening. This radio too is PC controlled for logging.

Underneath (and a bit hard to see) is our Kenwood TKR-750 repeater. It, and most of the other equipment is connected to a commercial grade, two battery backup system mounted in the same rack.

In the bottom right corner (and even harder to see!) is our AllStar/EchoLink PC, which is interfaced to the repeater.

All of this equipment is available to all of our members. All you have to do is ask! 🙂