2012 election results and March minutes

The result of the elections last night, March 27, 2012: the new president is Jason KF5EJX, vice president is Gary K5QOW, Jim AB5JK gets to be secretary and the treasurer is now David W5DUH. Congratulations to all! Now get to work đŸ™‚

There was discussion about the recent improvements the the new club station.

A motion was made & 2nd to have field day at the new club station and was tabled for later discussion.

There was discussion about reinstating club dues & was tabled for the next meeting.

A motion was made 2nd and voted on in favor to continue have the club meetings at the Kettle.

A motion was made 2nd and voted on in favor to change the clubs call to a shorter one.

No other business was conducted by the club and the meeting was adjourned at 19:48.

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