So how did Field Day 2013 go?

Glad you asked! Simply – and politely – put: we old men got our butts kicked by the young ladies!! That must have been a well-planned move; by trying to put us all to sleep with Cici’s tasty cake, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies. 😉

Cici AA5EK and Mary KU5Z worked together putting many RTTY contacts in the log. Much more than anyone else! And they’re responsible for logging two states we needed for our Worked All States award: at 2213Z Mary logged WA2HIP in Maine, and at 2322Z Cici logged KQ0J in Nebraska. Both QSOs have been confirmed via the LoTW; so now we only need 2 states for that award. Thank you, ladies! Next year we’ll let you galls make all QSOs 🙂

Copyright ARRL

Copyright ARRL

Those two remaining states are Maryland and South Dakota. We did make 2 QSOs with MD during Field Day – with W3AO – but they don’t seem to be very interested in QSL’ing via the LoTW. I’ll send them a paper card or two, one of these days. South Dakota isn’t very easy, although I personally heard someone up there. I didn’t manage to contact them, though. Bummer!

But in all fairness I guess the guys should get some credit too: Jason KF5EJX moved what looked like the whole club shack. And his favorite swamp cooler! He also kept all of our tummies full and our vocal cords lubricated. And after all of that he managed to make several QSOs, including his very first on 6 meters. He’s still smiling from ear to ear!

Speaking of 6 meters: new member Martin KF5IKN showed up, all the way from Eagle Pass, and kept the 6 meter position going, and going, and… He managed to log the first 6 meter QSO; which got everyone’s attention and that was enough to keep that radio on all night long. Thank you, Martin, and do come back!

Jim AB5JK didn’t have a whole lot of time to make QSOs; because he had his hands full making photographs of the event. See below for the results of his handiwork.  

Last but not least: thanks to Mr. Klaevemann (sr) again; for letting us use his lovely property for our crazy hobby. Personally I wouldn’t mind going there again. With more deet!!!

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  1. Mary says:

    I said once and I will say it again, I had GREAT time at Field Day! Can’t wait until nex year. Hopefully the same place.

    73, KU5Z

  2. Mary says:

    Oh thank you Jim AB5JK for the great pics.

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