It was bound to happen…

I knew it. Sooner or later… Even the best people suffer from it, eventually. Just put them in a position with a little bit of power, and it will go to their heads.

Email received today, from the guy with the scepter:

> News from the president of the coyote amature radio club.
> US tower called today that the tower is ready to ship.
> The tower should be here the end of the week or first part of next week.
> If I receive am exact date for delivery I will let you know.
> But, we probely will not have it installed for the texas qso party at the
> end of the month.
> all of my subjects I thank you
> Jason KF5EJX

Well, at least we’re still called subjects, not objects. And since we’re still being thanked I suppose we’re being spared from the gallows, for the time being. 😉

A follow-up email, received tomorrow, claims that the tower will be received on Friday the 20th. Woohoo!!

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