2013 Texas QSO party results – and more!

Jason KF5EJX and his (t)rusty sidekick Erik K5WW were active in the TX QSO party from the club station this past weekend. KN5S was well-received and received well all over the USA – and in some other countries!

We made 251 QSOs in 34 states, 2 Canadian provinces and even one fella in the Slovak Republic for a total of 62,742  points:

TXQP 2013 score

TXQP 2013 score

Yes, I know, the screen image says “60,742”; but I manually added 2,000 bonus points because we logged 2 mobile (“rover”) stations in 5 or more counties, and 1 station in more than 10 different counties! 

TXQP 2013 mults

TXQP 2013 mults – you should click this one.

This was Texas size fun! Unfortunately Mother Nature didn’t seem to approve of what we were doing; and had to take us off the air for an hour or two. Rain, rain, and more rain!

Rain, again.

Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink.

But the Texas QSO Party is not the only contest we participated in! There also was the CQ WW RTTY contest; and of course we had to try our new callsign there too 🙂

We made 128 QSOs for a total of 30,132 points. No extra bonus points in this one:

CQWW RTTY 2013 score

CQWW RTTY 2013 score

U.S. states and Canadian provinces do count as score multipliers, though! Here’s what we accomplished:

CQWW RTTY 2013 states

States and provinces worked in the 2013 CQWW RTTY contest

 And other countries (I should say “DXCC entities”) count as score multipliers too:

CQWW RTTY 2013 mults

DXCC entities contacted in the 2013 CQ WW RTTY contest.

Big fun!!! Gotta do this again next year! 🙂

Thanks to the many visitors who stopped by to cheer us on!

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2 Responses to 2013 Texas QSO party results – and more!

  1. Mary says:

    You two guys ROCK!! Jason you are becoming qui the contester, keep it up!

    Great job guys!!

  2. Jason Shell says:

    Great fun and it and we got much needed rain.

    Jason Shell

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