Maybe they just don’t like us…

Those operators in Arkansas. Maybe.

Fact is that Jason KF5EJX and Erik K5WW were active in the ARRL RTTY Roundup and made QSOs with every state in the contiguous 48; but not with Arkansas. What’s up with those guys??

Or maybe we're just "too close for comfort"?

Or maybe we’re just “too close for comfort”?

Disregard DC. That’s not even a state – although it does count as a multiplier. And our Canadian buddies were surprisingly absent…

Erik operated on Saturday and Jason on Sunday; but that doesn’t make it less of a team effort – and the totals show it!

KN5S 2014 ARRL RTTY RU score

KN5S 2014 ARRL RTTY RU score

Thanks to all of our supporters, cheerleaders and onlookers. So many of them showed up that some people had to park across the street!!

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