Next year we’ll beat the Chinese!!

Richard N5YPJ and Erik K5WW operated the KN5S clubstation in the WAEDC RTTY contest way back in November 2013. Their claimed score was 19,872 with 144 QSOs and 138 multipliers. Interestingly, the WAEDC contest committee was only able to confirm 139 of those QSOs and 136 of the multipliers; but KN5S was awarded 21,624 points! I guess we need a new calculator next year…

KN5S WAEDC RTTY 2013 final score

We’re gonna beat those Chinese dudes (and dudes-esses) next year!!!

As you can see from the image we didn’t score too badly. 15th place in the multi operator category! Right behind the Chinese BV55D team. But we clearly could’ve used our president’s amazing skills; he was suspiciously absent for this contest.

Oh, looks like loser K5WW turned in a checklog. Don’t know what happened there… Better luck next year, to everyone! 😉

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