Back in business!

Our repeater is back on the air, after a long winter break; and has been relocated to a new position. The frequency pair has changed; it now transmits on 147.240 MHz and listens for your signal on 147.840 MHz. Please adjust your radios!


KF5EJX: like a cat on a hot tin roof!


Nope, that pole is not leaning. But the photographer was!


Tadaa! All it took was three volunteers and an afternoon off.

The day was a bit too short for the three of us (KF5EJX, N5YPJ and K5WW) to finalize installing the 80 meter dipole; but that will be taken care of later. Big fun! 🙂

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2 Responses to Back in business!

  1. Jason Shell says:

    Gee, I am the only one that got in a picture.

  2. K5WW says:

    That’s because only the most photogenic specimens of the human race get that honor.

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