What? You don’t use Facebook?!?!

Neither do I. Not much anyway. Except for club stuff. Too many stupid ads. Everybody and his dog tracking your every move, and trying to sell you even more crap you don’t want. And the invitations to join all of those games! Ugh…

So what’s the best way to get all of the latest club news? Come the monthly meetings! But that’s not always possible for everyone, every month. And every now and then there’s news that happens between meetings. Right after a meeting, or exactly in the middle. That’s news for ya: it just happens.

So how does a person living in the third millennium get all the latest club news? Right here, folks! Yep, that’s right: here on this website. Don’t just stroll by every 3 or 4 months. No: subscribe to the news instead! So easy a cave-person can do it 😉

Here’s how: as you scroll down to read the articles when you visit our website keep an eye on the right side of the screen. Sooner or later you will see something like this:

Do it now!

Subscribe, or else 🙂

Guess what? All you have to do is enter your email address in that box, and then click the Subscribe button. I am dead serious; it is that simple. Amazing new technology, isn’t it??

Of course, that is assuming that you have an email address. If you don’t then maybe you could join the club; and you will get one for free! Sweet deal, right???

No spam. No ads. No tracking. Just the news. Or are you too young to remember what “privacy” really means?


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  1. Jason Shell says:

    I use it and I am Jason, President of the Coyote Amateur Radio Club.

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