April 2014 meeting minutes

(My apologies for the late post! After a long day on the road and arriving very late at the meeting I also managed to misplace my notes in one of the many boxes with old radio gear I am selling on eBay; and it took me a while to find them…)

The meeting was called to order at 7:56 PM CDT, because of the secretary arriving late. And the Kettle being super busy with customers, all wanting F-O-O-D! 😉

Attending: Jim AB5JK, Gary K5QOW and XYL, Jason KF5EJX, Dave WA6YJW, David W5DUH, James WB5AIG and Erik K5WW.

According to the treasurer’s report we currently have $552 in our safe (read: old, smelly sock under the mattress). About half of that thanks to the dues; the other half is in the radio fund.

Erik K5WW is and has been selling a bunch of old radio gear on eBay, that was acquired by Jason at the open house day. Currently (as of May 3rd) we have about $150 profit, with 3 items still up for bids; and with some of it (the biggest items!) not listed on eBay yet. That should put a few more shiny coins in our coffers.

It was decided that we needed to revise our (old) constitution to reflect our current status. Gary K5QOW read the old constitution out loud, after which input was requested from the attendees. Several good points were brought up; and changes were made. President Jason KF5EJX is going to put all changes in writing.

There has been no change in our tower “situation” lately; but changes are on their way. Stay tuned!

The meeting was adjourned around 9 PM, after which most of us moved to the club shack, where Dave WA6YJW donated a lot of test equipment to the club. Thank you, Dave!!

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