May 2014 meeting minutes

(got lost in the shuffle for a while, sorry!)

The meeting was called to order at 7:17 PM CDT. Attending: James WB5AIG, Mary KU5Z, Richard N5YPJ, Jim AB5JK, Gregory (former) KB5RQW and sister, Erik K5WW and our esteemed president Jason KF5EJX.

The treasurer’s report showed no change since last month. But since May is due paying time that will change by June. Dues were collected from all attendees, and there even were some cash donations; so the Treasurer has some number crunching to do 🙂

There was some discussion about the location for Field Day. Suggested locations were AB5JK’s dad’s place, the club shack itself, or inside the hospital. All have their pros and cons: a magnificent view but mosquitoes at the Klaevemann residence, AC  but no restroom at the shack, and some public visibility but no smoking at the hospital! Everyone was asked to consider those choices, and we will vote on it at the June meeting, which is a few days before Field Day.

K5WW donated a used but perfectly good inkjet printer to the shack, including a brand new supply of ink and a USB (not LSB!) cable to hook it up. Might come in handy. Also, sales on eBay (the old equipment Jason bought) have exceeded expectations; the net profit so far is well over $400.

Gregory came down all the way from Bandera; because he wanted to take the technician exam again, after it had expired some time ago. That would have been possible right there and then if idiot K5WW hadn’t forgotten the test materials! But, in his defense, that was the very first time; and Gregory was offered to take the test after the meeting – in Brackettville. Which he did!

The 6 meter antenna will be installed soon – before the June VHF contest. It’s that time of year, folks! Jason has all the mounting equipment; he and Erik just need to find a good day to do it – without getting a brutal sunburn…

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM CDT, in order administer the Technician class test to Gregory in Brackettville and allow him to return to Bandera at a reasonable time.

Next meeting is June 24th. Be there. There will be a H-U-G-E announcement!!

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