June 2014 meeting minutes

Attending: lotsa people!

Meeting was called to order at 7:10 by our esteemed president.

The treasurer, present but unable to read her hubby’s notes, reported that we have $318 in dues, and $307 in the radio fund.

K5WW has finalized the sales on eBay, and reports he has $540 for the club. Money handed over to AA5EK. Not a bad start towards a (tri-band?) beam and a rotator.

Field Day: it was voted on to go to Jim’s dad’s place, once again. Exact (and nice!) location is right here:

If you’re visiting all you have to do is look for all the yellow paint 🙂

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BYOB, and BYOF: bring your own food 🙂

We discussed a number of tower/rotator/load considerations, now that we have all that money. Every member is encouraged to put their two cents in.

Gregory Smith KG5CJU took the General Class exam after the meeting; and as always passed! He sneezed and picked one wrong answer; but we all forgive him for that. 😉 Congrats, bud! Next month: Extra!!

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM CDT.

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