The three Jays.

Well, they did it again. Texas Jay, Louisiana Jay and Imported Jay did a little bit of contesting this past weekend. And it was BIG fun. Sorry to see you guys didn’t make it…

We participated in the North American QSO Party (SSB) and the SARTG RTTY contest. Two radios, two wire antennas, a couple of hot dogs and lots of Coke Zero later they made several hundreds of contacts!


Louisiana Jay (L) and Texas Jay (R)

The end result, other than it being just plain old good entertainment, is a few new DXCC entities in the KN5S log book, some of which have already been confirmed via the LoTW.

Many more new ones will be coming after next week; when we get the new antenna installed! Oh, wait, that was top secret info there. Never mind! 😉

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  1. Jason Shell says:

    And don’t forget coffee.

    It will be interesting to see the numbers for the DXCC credit.

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