August 2014 meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order at 19:17.

Attending: Dave WA6YJW, Jim AB5JK, Richard N5YPJ, Jason KF5EJX, James WB5AIG and Erik K5WW.

The treasurer’s report: we’re broke. Well, almost. After the purchase of the Spiderbeam, the Yaesu rotator and the control cable we have $84.45 available. Yikes…

Speaking of which: work installing the beam is ongoing. Lots of measuring and cutting has happened (while YOU were not there), and the rotator and trust bearing have been installed. More work to be done; so far we have worked close to 16 hours on it.

The balun is almost done, the shack’s a mess because of all of the work; but we’re all looking forward to the final result. We’re trying our best to get the new beam (and the VHF repeater antenna) installed and working on the tower before the CQ WW RTTY contest and Texas QSO Party at the end of September. So … if you have nothing better to do on Saturdays/Sundays then please join us!

Other news: Jason brought up the possibility of getting insurance for the equipment, now that we have accumulated a good $10,000 of it. It would be about $140 annually. This will be discussed again later; cuz we’re almost broke, remember?

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 CDT.

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