Makro what???

KN5S participated in the Makrothen RTTY Contest this past weekend. Big fun, even though part of the team felt like going on a fishing trip. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is a true DX contest, in that points are based on the number of miles (or kilometers in this case) between stations. Because of it the scores get phenomenal:

KN5S Makrothen 2014

KN5S Makrothen RTTY Contest 2014 score

Yup, that’s almost a million points!

Thanks to this contest we added a few more DXCC entities to the logbook. And we’re getting really close to that most popular amateur radio award:

KN5S DXCC 12 October 2014

KN5S DXCC totals 13 October 2014

And a few more US states got logged and confirmed too:

KN5S WAS 13 October 2014

KN5S WAS totals 13 October 2014

We’re getting there! We still need a bit of help on 10 meters; but I’m sure December’s ARRL 10 Meter Contest will take care of that. And yes; some more activity on 80 meters would be great too.

Who’s ready for theย JARTS WW RTTY Contest?? ๐Ÿ™‚

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