February 2015 meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:33 PM. It got delayed by the secretary (as always!).

Present: Angie Gomez, Richard N5YPJ, Marilyn KB0LJW, Roger K0YY, Jason KF5EJX, Jim AB5JK and Erik K5WW.

Plans for our participation in the Texas State Park On The Air event have changed a bit, though not much. Roger and Marilyn are returning to Denver about a month ahead of their original schedule, due to health concerns. More room for everyone else; but one heck of a CW operator less. But they’ll be back next year; and have generously paid their dues for the next term, plus a small donation. Thanks! 🙂

Our treasurer, through the voice of the vice president, reports no changes to our fortune: the same $112. That will change soon; because K5WW is selling some donated (by James WW5XX) equipment on eBay. But the net profit will be unknown until the last piece of equipment has been sold and shipped.

Jim AB5JK reports that there is still a minor (antenna-related) issue with the Allstar/Echolink project. He also reported that access to the Allstar network is now – and for the time being – on-demand only.

Part of the problem may be due to insufficient grounding at the shack. There have been other problems (RF in the shack); so that needs to be addressed soon, weather permitting (can we say that in TX??).

K5WW is working on getting the club affiliated with the ARRL. One of the requirements is that at least 51 percent of our club’s members are already ARRL members; but with only 7 of 14 members confirmed we are short by 1. Jim AB5JK said that he will renew his and AA5EK’s membership (with the ARRL), which will take care of that minor issue.

Plans have been made to participate in this weekend’s North American QSO Party (RTTY). With the big antenna (as opposed to last year) it should be smooth sailing. It’s a 12 hour contest, Saturday only (12 lunch until midnight), so show up if you dare! 😉

Please welcome new member Angie, who is currently studying to take the Technician exam and is going to take the test soon!

The meeting was adjourned at 8:36 PM. Afterwards we all went out and had lots of Gluhwein.

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