Live long and prosper

So you got 3 guys who like RTTY. Who also like to do a bit of contesting now and then. OK, maybe a lot. And who happen to come together at the club shack, the day of the North American RTTY QSO Party. A contest in which participants’ names get exchanged.

Those same three guys also happen to be Star Trek fans! And they found out that Leonard Nimoy passed away just one day before the contest.

So, what do those 3 decide to do? Run the contest, in honor of and as a tribute to Mister Spock! Instead of picking one of the operators’ names we sent “Spock” (and our state, second part of the contest exchange) and thanked everyone not with the regular “TU” but with Mister Spock’s signature blessing “live long and prosper”:

RIP Leonard Nimoy, from the guys at KN5S

RIP Leonard Nimoy, from the guys at KN5S

And we weren’t the only ones with that same salute! Looks like there were at least half a dozen other stations, accordingto our log:

Spocks all over!

Spocks all over!

The reception, from the contesting community, to our little initiative was very positive. We got many comments after the QSO saying “I love it!” or “LLAP” (short for Live Long and Prosper) from other guys (and girls, yes ladies!). One guy sent us “may the force be with you”; but…. naaah, wrong show, buddy 😉

All in all very good fun! And our score is slightly better than last year:

2015 Feb NAQP RTTY Score

Many thanks to all who participated.  And safe travels on that final journey, Mr. Nimoy, on behalf of N5YPJ, KF5EJX and K5WW.

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