March 24, 2015 meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:11.

Attending: KF5EJX, AB5JK, K5WW, K5QOW and guest KD5MBH. Due to renovations in the hospital and our regular meeting place getting overrun by the board of directors we met at the club shack.

The February minutes were read and approved.

According to the treasurer we currently have $144 in the bank.

The Texas State Parks On The Air event is coming soon. We decided to keep it small, not expecting a huge crowd due to that weekend being Easter weekend. Single radio, single antenna, single laptop. But more than one operator!

Jason KF5EJX confessed that he got the club in a bit of trouble and that we¬† received an advisory card from an Official Observer, for operating the club station on 14.349 MHz USB in a contest a few weeks ago. That is indeed way too close to the band edge! He’s taking the blame, as it was he who made the QSO. The OO card will be posted on the wall at the operating station, as a reminder to everyone to check the frequency (twice!) before hitting that foot switch!

Other news from Jason: another ground rod was added, and all equipment inside the shack connected to it. As a result of that everything inside the shack seems to play well together, without the link system crashing.

The online club store has been reworked; it now has all kinds of merchandise with the “new” logo (which includes our call sign).

All of the equipment that WW5XX donated has been sold to the highest bidder and shipped. The net amount, while not exactly determined yet due to a few more expenses, will be quite impressive. With enough left over to get WW5XX a Thank You present, whether he likes it or not!

Jim AB5JK and Cici AA5EK have joined the ARRL again; and guest Henry KD5MBH joined the CARC and is already an ARRL member; meaning we can now file the papers to become and ARRL affiliated club. Thanks!

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM.

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