April 2015 meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM Uvalde time because the @#$&*#@!!! secretary was late. Again!

Attending: Angie G., Jim AB5JK, Jason KF5EJX, Gary K5QOW and the late secretary (who was still alive when he left).

The almighty discussed the details and results of the 2015 Texas State Parks On The Air event, which we participated in for the first time. We had a lot of fun, and will certainly do it again next year. Everyone we contacted will get a special QSL card, without them even requesting one. Those cards have been printed and will be mailed tomorrow.

With the 2015 ARRL Field Day coming up we have started soliciting ideas for possible locations. Quite a few were mentioned (it’s all very hush-hush), some previously visited, some never before. Lots of possibilities, and more input is most certainly welcome.

The treasurer, embodied by the vice president, reports a grand total of $156 in the safe; but that will go up next month thanks to WW5XX’s donation.

Angie took the Technician license test; and liked it so much that she’ll be taking it again next month! 🙂

The meeting was adjourned; but the secretary forgot to write down at what time. He’s getting sloppy…

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