May 2015 meeting minutes

The Coyote Amateur Radio Club meeting kicked off a bit late at roughly 7:30 not due to the usual late person. Attending were David WA6YJW, Jason KF5EJX, Jim AB5JK and Henry KD5MBH. Erik K5WW was unable to attend but was able to drop off checked cards from the QSL bureau and some cash from the sale of donated equipment from James WW5XX. Cool – more money.

We discussed field day and where to have it. No final decision has been made at this time. Please stay tuned for the location. Also there has been a new Yaesu DR-1 repeater donated to the club.

Yaesu DR-1

It’s the one on the top!

The repeater has been put on the air for testing on the club’s 2 meter frequencies. At the moment the AllStar and Echolink connection are not operational. The old Kenwood repeater that has the link capabilities will be back on the air Thursday. We also discussed the need for the proper external controller for the new repeater to be able to connect to AllStar and Echolink in the near future. Lots of talk about ham radio also.

Please excuse the minutes: I am the president and not the secretary. (boohoohoo…) I hope to see everyone next month.


(copied and pasted from the President’s email to me –  no editing done whatsoever – K5WW)
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