It’s official!

Field Day 2015 will be held in our top secret location across from the hospital this weekend (so not at Kickapoo Cavern Park). Please bring your own grass, weeds and dirt 🙂 (and insect repellant always helps, too).

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  1. James Hensarling says:

    You may enjoy my post on my TimeLine on FaceBook today regarding Ham Radio along with some memories and comments. Search JAMES HENSARLING (Posted June 26)

  2. James Hensarling says:

    Rain on Field Day?? Surely not but there is always a first time.

  3. C. A. R. C. says:

    Well… you got your wish! But I can’t help but think that having FD indoors this year was NOT a bad decision 🙂

  4. James Hensarling says:

    It was a decision only a highly skilled team of planners could have made, and is indicative of their ability to make an assessment of information at hand and act accordingly. A pre courser, if you will, of how this club might handle an actual Emergency!

    • C. A. R. C. says:

      You sure have a way with words, James. Are you prepping yourself for the President seat, hmm? 😉

      • James Hensarling says:

        Not a Chance -:) Guess it is a defense mechanism developed over the years of dealing with Attorneys, State and Federal Examiners, Independent Auditors and such during my varied career in Farming, Teaching, Real Estate Mortgage Lending, and more recently working with my daughters in the Title Insurance and Abstracting business. Lol

  5. James Hensarling says:

    I see where KN5S uploaded to LoTW on 6/28/15. It will be fun to see the Clubs FD numbers. I’m guessing the FD team had good results.

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