September meeting

The September meeting will be on Tuesday the 22nd. The President said he’d be making Belgian waffles (with whipped cream!) so y’all better show up 🙂

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  1. Jason Shell says:

    Maybe the Belgian should make the waffles. ha ha.

  2. James Hensarling says:

    What is the best and easiest program to get for my brother to study to take the Tech license. He was a Tech Plus several years ago and let his license expire. He is disabled. Can the test be administered at his Shop on Highway 90 East. I told him I would set him up with a nice station if he would get back into Ham Radio. de WW5XX

  3. C. A. R. C. says:

    Hey, I was a Tech Plus myself, many moons ago! 🙂

    We’ve had a test session in our kitchen a while ago, James. I’m sure we can make the short trip to your brother to accommodate his needs.

    As for the “best and easiest”: I think those go hand in hand. Good thing about having been licensed previously: a lot of things are still the same! Bad thing about having been licensed previously: a lot of things have changed…

    For the most comprehensive study material, especially for someone who was licensed before, I recommend nothing but the best: the ARRL’s study guides. In your brother’s case he will need this one: .

    Free practice tests are available at (among other places) The manual above also provides the ability to take online practice tests; but I’m not exactly 100 percent sure if one has to join the ARRL first, in order to use those online resources.

    Bring him to one of our meetings! Oh, wait, the next one is … tomorrow 🙂

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