October 2015 meeting minutes

Please excuse the minutes; the Secretary was missing in action and the
President took the minutes.

(those are the President’s words, not someone else’s! 🙂 )

The ruff and rowdy group was called to order at 7:10 PM.  In attendance:
David W5DUH, Gary K5QOW, Raul KE5QIT, Jim AB5JK, Jason KS5TX (the artist formally known as KF5EJX), and Paula and Darryel Perry.

Treasurer’s report: after reimbursing Jason $60 for the cost of the server
rack for the shack the funds are $656.00.

The discussion started of with news that the club’s repeater needs to have
the duplexers re-tuned because the coverage range has been suffering lately.

Visitors Paula and Darial Perry are looking into getting their amateur radio licenses;
but were not quite ready to take the test yet.

Raul KE5QIT, our representative from the hospital, has asked us to put together a list of
members’ names and pictures who are active at the shack for the Security department’s records.

Jason KS5TX wants the club to active Amistad National Recreation Area for the upcoming National Parks on the Air to celibrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service in
2016.  So we need to pick a time when it is not blazing hot.  Date to be set in a future meeting.

Gary K5QOW would like to do some practice traffic handling utilizing the repeater and the ham shack to help prepare us for a disaster situation.  More on this subject in future
meetings. (Sounds like there may be some home work involved)

Meeting adjourned a 7:40 PM

(ever so slightly edited by the editor)
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  1. James Hensarling says:

    Mr. President, I am very sorry I missed seeing you yesterday, but thank you very much for the classy CARC KN5S shirt. It will be added to my prized collection of CARC KN5S Cap and Coffee Cup. Congratulations on the recent RTTY contest results!!

    James WW5XX

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