A totally different kind of contest!

At the Home Depot a few days ago, I was browsing their small item quick sale goodies. And there was one that caught my eye. Two for the price of one, even, with two sets of batteries, excellent deal!

Why? Because we all need them. We’ve all had or have several of these. They’re in every household. I figured I’d keep one in the house, and the other in my tool bag. They’re simple, straightforward to use, don’t eat the food in the fridge; what more can you ask for, right? They look so harmless and from a world-known brand; I couldn’t resist.

Shock, horror, disgust – after I opened up the blister packaging and read the (small) two-sided “instruction manual” that was hidden inside the packaging!

This is what’s printed on the back side of those “instructions”:

Something else you may NOT want in your shack

Something else you may NOT want in your shack

Yup, just what I needed: more RFI in the shack!

You will never know what it is… But you can start guessing anyway. If you find the right answer breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert and assorted drinks will be on me. (KU5Z excluded from this contest)

K5WW (also excluded)

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