Scammer alert: NOT the real K5WW

For the second time in a week or so I was contacted by fellow operators trying to verify my email address and phone number; because they were lead to believe that I – K5WW – am selling some equipment that they are looking for and are willing to pay good money for it.

I am not selling anything. (at least not at this time)

The scammer is signing his/her emails with my name as listed on, though without the period after my abbreviated first name. The email address used is He/she also keeps making the mistake of putting “best regards’s” (in numerical form) at the end of the email. Not every crook has a brain [​IMG]

Be on the lookout. If anyone wants to verify my identity: my email address is on And if it’s ever necessary I will happily provide my phone number.

Happy, and safe trading. And Happy New Year!


Erik – K5WW

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