June 2006 meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order at 19:13 local time.

Attending: Richard N5YPJ, Jim AB5JK, Don KG5NYB, Mary KU5Z and Erik K5WW.

According to the Treasurer’s report we currently have $837.49 in our infamous sock. More coming soon.

Our most magnificent member Jason KS5TX has donated his Kenwood TS-2000 to the club. It will need some work, as the ATU has a bit of a problem. K5WW was in contact with Cliff Holland at AVVid Amateur Radio Service Center. After reading the symptoms Cliff hinted towards one or more shorted capacitors in the tuner. He asked if anyone was any good at soldering; so we may be able to fix this ourselves. If we can’t fix it then we’ll send it to Cliff’s skillful hands. Stay tuned!

Jim received a note from the widow of a local operator who recently became an SK. She needs help disposing of his equipment, especially the tower. We will go over there and inventory the equipment, and publish the list on the website when we have it.

Field Day is in less than a week. Due to it going to be hot (again) and lack of planning time we will participate from our ice cold shack! Bring our own dirt and mosquitoes. Food and drink may be available; because our master chef will be visiting this weekend. 😉

It is time to renew our ARRL affiliation and for that reason we did a head count of the active, paid members. Those who are a bit overdue will get an email from the Secretary, to see if they still have a pulse.

34 minutes after it started the meeting was adjourned. But we weren’t done!

Don KG5NYB took and passed the General Class exam – congratulations, Don! Marvelous job, as he missed only one question due to someone sneezing:


General Class. Ah, the possibilities…

When asked if he’ll be taking the Extra test next month he said he needed a bit of time off to recover from all the studying. What? You’re on a winning streak; keep going! 🙂

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