January 2017 meeting minutes

Attending: Jimi AB5JK, Roger K0YY, Gary K5QOW & Dave WA6YJW.

Meeting was called to order at 7:06 pm.

The minutes of last month’s meeting was read and approved unanimously.

The treasurer’s report was also read and approved unanimously. We’re currently still holding at $1015. But that figure has changed since one of our members who has recently become an official Texan. Who also now has Texas issued radio operator plates to prove it, has renewed his membership and given a generous donation. We now know that Texas will not issue any radio operator plates that has a slash through the zero.

In an executive session it was decided to use the proceeds from the sale of WW5XX’s “old” equipment to get the TS-2000 that Jason KS5TX donated repaired. It will be sent in for repair to Avvid after January 1, 2017.   Which was agreed upon unanimously.

There was also discussion about migrating the clubs AllStar EchoLink Gateway to a Raspberry Pi 3 as well as the server for the repeater to the same platform. There is a possibility that Dave WA6YJW, may possibly have one to donate to the club.

No other official business was conducted.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:42 pm Central Standard Time.

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