February 2017 meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM local time, February 28, 2017.

Attending: Mary KU5Z, Jim AB5JK, Dave WA6YJW and Erik K5WW.

The January meeting minutes were published on the website, read and approved by all.

There were no changes from last month to the treasurer’s report.

The club’s Kenwood TS-2000 was shipped to AVVid. It was received there on February 11. K5WW called Clif (the business owner/Kenwood guru) right before the meeting to get an update. Clif said he’d only need a handful of days to fix radios that were received before ours; so it sounds like we could have the TS-2000 back before the next meeting.

Our repeater has finally been equipped with a microphone; so now we can use the repeater itself (if needed) to reply to other operators using the repeater.

The WiFi in the shack has been acting up since (at least) this past Saturday. K5WW contacted the hospital’s IT department to see if they could help us out. Jose at the IT department said he’s come check it out and take care of it.

We got a really nice surprise in the mail just hours before the meeting: the British Amateur Radio Teledata Group sent us a wonderful contest trophy for placing first in the Multi-Multi category (KF5EJX, N5YPJ & K5WW) of the 2015 edition of the BARTG HF RTTY Contest. The results for that contest were published back in March of 2016, and our certificate was added to our trophy wall back then as well; but the nice people of the BARTG also sent us this fantastic trophy:

(Dare to use this as a coaster and you will be hanged, drawn and quartered!)

It will be hard to mount; but it will be mounted 🙂 Thank you, BARTG!

Also received this week (and picked up from our old mailing address, where it has been sitting for over 2 months – thanks for hanging onto it, Yolanda!) was… a sticker. Yup, a sticker!! But it’s an important one. This one is to affix to a previously received certificate for our winning effort in the 2016 ARRL RTTY Roundup (KS5TX & K5WW):

Stick, stack, stuck.

We like stickers too 🙂 Thank you, ARRL!

The meeting was adjourned at 7:52 PM.

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