March 2017 meeting minutes

Attending: Richard N5YPJ, James WW5XX, Jim AB5JK, Dave WA6YJW, Gary K5QOW and Erik K5WW. Gary mentioned his XYL didn’t come with him; because she felt like KU5Z wasn’t going to be there. We’ll try to do something about that.

The meeting was called to order at 7:28 local time because the Secretary was late as his atomic wrist watch was hacked.

The Treasurer reports $1,035 in our sock. That is before today’s dues and donations. More in April.

Dave WA6YJW donated a new, almost 100 percent pre-programmed Raspberry Pi (3?) to the club, to be used for the AllStar/Echolink network. He also showed a magnificent enclosure he made for it on his 3D printer. Amazing work!

Jim AB5JK noted that most, if not all of the zip ties on the beam’s coax/rotator loop have deteriorated after almost 3 years of service. Those will need to be replaced soon, with something more durable; and he needs a helper. This will need to be talked about again in April; as that conversation was not finished.

The club’s TS-2000, donated by Jason KS5TX, has been repaired by Clif at AVVid. Total cost, including return shipping, was a little over $120. Most reasonable! K5WW sent a check to AVVid the day before the meeting; so we should receive the radio back soon.

That brings the final net profit from the WW5XX equipment donation sales to almost $130. K5WW presented a spreadsheet that tracked the sales from the radios, and the expenses to ship the TS-2000 to AVVid and AVVid’s invoice, plus some other miscellaneous expenses.

K5WW reported that the club station is dealing with a new, stronger source of interference, which made participation in the CQ WPX SSB contest this past weekend impossible. Every single band is infested with QRM reaching S9 to S10 noise. 30 minutes of foot work revealed that the QRM originates from one of the buildings across the street. More work is needed to pinpoint the exact building, and then some diplomacy to talk to the owner/operator of the equipment. They may have a defect they’re not aware of, causing this problem.

K5WW made an RTTY QSO with KS5TX on Saturday. He had an amazing signal, especially given his indoor antenna, until someone turned off 40 meters. A KN5S QSL card has been mailed 😉

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30, UMH time.

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