No, that’s not some vehicle diagnostic code. Nor some experimental aircraft. Instead, it’s the official park designator for Kickapoo Cavern State Park used in the Texas State Parks on the Air event, this past weekend.

Half a handful of us (KS5TX, N5YPJ and K5WW) participated this weekend and enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day up at Kickapoo. And it was fun, fun, fun! We made about 80 QSOs into 12 other Texas parks and several other US states.

Jason KS5TX in action

And here’s our biggest fan, Roger K0YY 🙂 making a QSO with Jason:

Yup, it was windy. But Jason managed to finally put his “tower of power” to the test. It all worked – flawlessly!

Good weather, great food, excellent company and a bit of radio. Who could ask for more? 😉

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