May 2017 meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:27 local time, May 23.

Attending: KC5MCE, AB5JK, K5QOW, WA6YJW and K5WW.

The Treasurer reports $1,222 in the safe.

Jim reports that the new Allstar/Echolink Raspberry Pi machine has been tested extensively for 2 days and seems to be running great on a borrowed server. The hardware will be relocated to where it was before; while he sorts out a small issue that recently seems to have popped up at the server PC in the shack.

KS5TX sent us a new PC with lots of RAM and a speedy CPU, to be installed at the second operating position. Since he built it into a heavy duty travel case, on a server rack size frame, it can also be taken into the field – safely – or simply added to our equipment rack. Neat! It still needs to have serial ports and a WiFi adapter added; but that will be done before the end of the week.  Thanks for the loaner!

A location for Field Day was discussed; we will be having it at the club shack for many reasons. We will need to test the generators and take care of a few other things to get ready, including fixing the strain relief loop on top of the tower.

In order to prepare and possibly take care of some last-minute thingies it was decided to have the next meeting the Tuesday before Field Day. So stop by on June 20!

The meeting was adjourned at 8:17.

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