Field Day 2017 is over

And we’re happy it is! The grass stains, rattle snakes, mosquito bites and sunburn, mud in our socks and flies in our food, bah! Who wouldn’t get tired of that! 😉

But it was fun, anyway. We were pleasantly surprised by a brand new A/C unit, donated by a very early Santa Claus and installed by him and his handy helper. Thanks fellas!

In no particular order, other than almost alphabetically, KU5Z, AB5JK, K5QOW, K5WW, KS5TX, N5YPJ and WW5XX made sure that a fabulous time was had by all. We logged 184 QSOs in 59 ARRL Sections and even a few DX and a few on 6 meters. And for all that we only needed 1 generator swap! 🙂








Those who stayed long enough and weren’t afraid to work for their food were rewarded by pizza! Santa Claus just didn’t want to leave!

Nobody took any pictures, seriously???

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