March 27, 2018 meeting minutes

Attending: Jim AB5JK, Dave WA6YJW and Erik K5WW.

It’s been a small crowd lately! Some of our members have moved out of the area; others can’t make it due to illness or other reasons. The Secretary will send out a letter to all members we haven’t seen in a while, to remind them that we’re still alive and kicking. That letter will be mailed in time for the April 2018 meeting, at which time elections are scheduled; so that those members will at least get to vote for their money 🙂

The Treasurer reports no changes, still the same old $1,200 in that shoe box. That’ll change soon; as a number of members renew their memberships around March/April. There was some discussion about streamlining that dues payment process and have everyone renew at the same time to make things easier to track; but that was tabled.

The Secretary had to leave early due to a work assignment; so there’s no official “meeting adjourned” time…

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