February 2019 meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 PM.

Attending: Jim AB5JK, Manuel Lorenzi and Erik K5WW. Dave HP1/WA6YJW checked in via Echolink.

Treasurer’s report: $1,038.01 on the positive side.

The Club’s TS-2000 was repaired and returned to us. Repair cost plus return shipping: $106.99. That, plus shipping to AVVid, was paid for in part by the proceeds of the donated IC-730 (thank you, Dave!) plus an extra $54.08 that K5WW was reimbursed for.

About two weeks after receiving the MFJ-5008, following several days of rainy, humid weather without interference K5WW was able to pinpoint the exact location of the noise source at the shack, on a warm, dry and windy day. The ultrasonic receiver made that easy. In less than 15 minutes the problematic insulator on the utility pole was found; and the electric co-op was contacted again.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM, after which we all went to the shack for a visit and to have Jim double-check Erik’s findings 🙂

Next meeting: March 26.

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