September 24, 2019 meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM.

Attending: Mary KU5Z, Jim AB5JK, Doug KC5TRQ, Mr. Curtis Y., James WW5XX and Erik K5WW.

Jim reported on all the repairs that were done on top of our tower this past weekend, by Jason KS5TX and Erik K5WW. The broken repeater antenna was replaced by a taller one and is now being fed by LMR-600 coax. The broken antenna rotator was replaced by a new one, as well as the rotator controller inside the shack (more on this in a separate post with lots of photos).

To accomplish all of the repairs safely Jason rented a really wonderful lift at Reno’s Rentals across the road. He had to put down quite a few greenstamps for that; but was reimbursed $250 by the club.

That mentioned, the Treasurer showed us that famous old stock and let us know that there’s 650.98 left in it.

Jason also donated some tools to the club: a new(ish) cordless drill/driver, a Dremel tool and a truck load of bits, sockets, and bytes.

We got acquainted with Mr. Curtis Y, who’d been wanting to take the Technician test for a few months; but couldn’t until now due to last month’s meeting failure. He took the test, and passed it with a score of 34/35. Congratulations!

Can you tell he’s happy? Congrats, Curtis!

























At 8:30 PM sleepy KU5Z made a motion to adjourn; and that was approved unanimously.

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