Thanks for the … gift?

Or was it a hint???

Not a week goes by without “something interesting” happening or showing up at the club shack. Perhaps it’s time to rename it from “incident command center” to plain and simple “incident center”.

We’ve seen all kinds of trash piled up against the coax bulk head connectors. Coat hangers, high heel shoes, toys. Cats racing out of the building after being locked up inside for who knows how long. Homeless, hungry people begging for food long after dark. The always helpful crews doing “maintenance” on our antenna park. And the occasional snake staring at us from around the corner.

But somehow this is different. I found these, neatly staged at the bottom of the tower, this past Saturday:

Body lotion? I’m not really sure what to think of it, other than that somebody’s dropping a hint, somehow implying that we stink!

Look, we worked hard putting all of that stuff together. And it was hot. Pardon our perspiration!

But thank you, regardless. All of it smells pretty good 😉

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