The new radio fund

Greetings, y’all!

In order to generate a few bucks for the new radio fund I have volunteered to sell the equipment that the club purchased some time ago.

I am going to put all of that on eBay, one item at a time. It’s a huge task measuring, photographing and video’ing all of that stuff – not to mention boxing it up!

As of today I have listed the Kenwood TS-520 and the Shure microphone. See

Feel free to bid 🙂 Remember: it’s for a good cause!

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2 Responses to The new radio fund

  1. Jason Shell says:

    Thank you K5WW for your work and time.

  2. K5WW says:

    Did I never tell you you can call me by my given name, instead of my (applied-for) call? 😉

    The 530S will be put on eBay tonight. After that all I have to do is watch the bids for five days!

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