It’s called a “favicon”.

Yeah, yeah, I know: you think I haven’t been doing anything for weeks…


I have been working real hard for the club, among other things on a favicon. What’s a favicon, you ask (or not)? A favicon is a little image that is linked to a website, and shows up in your list when you save that website in your favorites, or bookmarks, or whatever your machine may call it, or save it to your desktop. Favicons are usually tiny versions of logos or other images. I tried to resize the CARC logo to something very small; but that didn’t work. So I decided to go with the abbreviation instead: CARC.

They are really small images; and having done this a few times I can tell you for sure that it’s easier to create a large image than a very small one!

So here’s what the new favicon looks like in a few different browsers:

CARC favicon in various browsers

And it looks mighty sweet on my Android dumbphone too! 

If you can do better then please let me know! 😉

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