How many countries (*) did YOU contact this weekend??

Not one, I bet. But I’m sure you had lots of fun with your handy 🙂

 KN5S made 215 QSOs in the Makrothen RTTY contest, good for 692,166 points:

CARC Makrothen RTTY score

2013 Makrothen RTTY contest score

The list of countries (*) contacted includes Chile, Morocco, Cuba, Germany, the Canary Islands, French Polynesia, England, Scotland, Columbia, Italy, Japan, Guantanamo Bay, Alaska, Argentina, Lithuania, Finland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Asiatic Russia, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela and the good’ole US of A!


2013 Makrothen RTTY contest DXCCs entities

Not bad for 2 guys with 100 W and 2 wire antennas!

As always: thanks to our huge crowd of supporters 😉

(*) They’re not all countries (such as Alaska and Guantanamo Bay) but are called DXCC entities, for awards and most contesting purposes.

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  1. Mary says:

    Well done guys!!!! Keep up the good work!!

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