They will be missed

Because we recently received a new callsign and we had close to 1,000 KS5TX left we decided to send out the KS5TX to all stations we contacted in the past, rather than throw them away.

It took several hours of printing (and cussing at paper jams), boxing, labelling and stamp-licking; but all of them are ready to be mailed to the 11 incoming QSL bureaus and the outgoing QSL bureau in Newington, CT. Lets hope all of those recipients are happy with the KS5TX QSL card. Some of them might not even know that Uvalde still exists!


KS5TX QSL side

Our always generous President Jason KF5EJX paid for the postage!

I’ve kept a few in case someone requests a KS5TX QSL card in the future. There shouldn’t be a reason for that because I sent one to everyone in our log; but that doesn’t mean they all arrive. In other words: I got some spares in case one of the members wants one for sentimental reasons!

And yes: all of you are invited to send in some ideas for a new QSL card design! Or am I talking to myself here? 😉

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