Trying to steal my frequency???

So I’m sitting here, in my own shack, minding my own business and trying to make some QSOs in the Ten Meter RTTY Contest.

And who shows up all of a sudden, and way to close for comfort? This guy right here:


Damn you!

I shoulda never taught these guys the art of contesting…..


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2 Responses to Trying to steal my frequency???

  1. Jason Shell says:

    I guess I was closer than I thought, sorry. But it was a busy day at the C.A.R.C. shack.

    • K5WW says:

      No worries, you weren’t interfering, and neither were the people calling you. Just a mad coincidence that you found a clear spot so close to me. Good to see you calling CQ for a while; and that you had fun!

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