November 2013 meeting minutes

Attending: Jason KF5EJX, Jim AB5JK, Cici AA5EK, Richard N5YPJ, Roger K0YY and Erik K5WW.

The rowdy crowd was called to order at 7:06 PM, November 26.

Jason said the shack inventory has not been done yet. He also stated that he does not want want to be reimbursed for the (headset) accessories he paid for a while ago. He then read the minutes from last meeting; and everybody approved them.

We got to enlist a new member: Roger, K0YY. He and his XYL came down from Colorado to spend the winter here, just a few miles down the road. Welcome!

Cici AA5EK’s treasurer report is pretty short: no changes from last month, except for Roger’s dues. On the way to our first million bucks.

The club logo was changed: it now has our KN5S call sign on the bottom, as can be seen at the very top of our website here, the club shack PCs, Facebook, etc. If anyone needs a smaller or larger version: talk to K5WW.

Erik K5WW designed a new QSL card, with our new call sign. Everyone seemed to like it, and it was approved to send to the printer. (as of today I have heard from the printer – UX5UO – that the cards have been printed, payment received, and are ready to be mailed. They will not be here in time for the December meeting; but certainly early January).

Repeater news: we are practically ready to move the repeater; and were given 3 frequency candidates by the repeater coordinators – 147.220, 147.240 and 147.320. With a little word of warning before we take our pick: listen for (possibly illegal) activity from south of the border. Jim AB5JK is going to be doing that and advise us of the best choice by the December meeting.

One (minor) problem remaining before the repeater move is that the tower still hasn’t been installed. Jason KF5EJX is going to ask for a few more – and new – quotes from local vendors. With business slowing down for them at winter time it might be a good strategy to ask for a new, revised quote. Smart move; the first quote was slightly ridiculous. And if we still can’t afford it then we’ll dig the hole ourselves, some time in January. After Jason gets his Christmas bonus. And he can afford that big shovel he’ll need! 😉

Meeting was adjourned at 7:48 PM.

Oh, and: today was Richard N5YPJ’s birthday. Y’all better remember by this time next year!

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