A big success!

After the February meeting we mailed almost 220 invitations for our open door event to radio amateurs in this area. A good 10 percent of those letters were returned undeliverable, most of which for licensees who once lived in Del Rio and still haven’t updated their address…

According to our mighty leader Jason KF5EJX our event was a big success. And while I only managed to attend it in the afternoon I must say that I agree.

Our visitors were given a tour of our club shack, got a demonstration of our equipment and capabilities, were treated to a video presentation of his Africa travels by Roger K0YY and got fed plenty. And the weather was perfect!

Visitors included:

  • Brackettville: Gilford Raymer WD4ROE, Jerry Bertlesen KG5AOP, John and Libby Veach KE4D and KB4FFD
  • Concan: David Hawthorne W5DUH
  • Crystal City: Jesse Sulaica KD5FDP
  • Eagle Pass: Manuel De Hoyos KF4CCA and Jose Sarabia AE5WQ
  • Evergreen, CO: Roger Krautkremer K0YY
  • Knippa: James Santleben WB5AIG
  • Uvalde: Leilani McClure and James Hensarling WW5XX
  • Utopia: David Blumenfeld WA6YJW
  • San Antonio: Hollis Kincaid
  • Sonora: Dee Starr KF5UDO.

After receiving our invitation letter Mr. Hollis Kincaid contacted us to inform us that his brother Mr. Joseph Kincaid W5EYH of Sabinal passed away in 2012. Hollis is the executor of the estate of Joseph, and said he wanted to try and sell some the equipment at our event. He did sell some, in fact all of it! Some of it was bought by our visitors from Brackettville, a few items by David W5DUH, the rest by Jason. Thanks to all of you; I’m sure Mr. Kincaid would be quite pleased.

Unfortunately nobody had the time to take any photographs. That has got to be a first!!

Thanks to our little get-together we already have two new members: James WW5XX and Manuel KF4CCA. Thanks and welcome to the club!

And don’t forget: the next meeting is March 25 at the Kettle. 🙂

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  1. Jason Shell says:

    For the ones that weren’t able to attend you missed a good time, good conversation, and good food. Hope to see you next time.

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