March 2014 meeting minutes

Attending: Dave WA6YJW, Richard N5YPJ, Jason KF5EJX, Gary K5QOW and XYL, Jim AB5JK, James, Roger K0YY, Marylin KB0LJW, Mary KU5Z and Erik K5WW.

The meeting was called to order at 7:32 PM CDT, March 25, 2014.

The repeater is back in operation. Jason KF5EJX, David W5DUH, Jim AB5JK and Dave WA6YJW did some testing. Jason stated he was able to make a QSO with David going East and West on highway 90 until he was about 20 miles out of Uvalde, both sides. Dave WA6YJW reported that he was able to activate the repeater from Utopia with his handheld transceiver; but that it was a bit too noisy to hear much of the ID. Nevertheless, given the distance and terrain between Utopia and Uvalde, and the fairly low mounting height of the repeater’s antenna that is not bad. Jason said that he cannot access the repeater from his current QTH, most likely because of the mine. That will eventually be solved, once the repeater’s antenna is on top of the club’s tower. Apart from the internal controller the repeater also has an external controller; and it turns out that the latter is still sending out an old ID, every now and then. Jim AB5JK is going to take of that, real soon.

Jason KF5EJX mentioned that it is time to draw up by-laws for the club. That idea was discussed, voted on, and approved. We’ll get some ideas together, possibly based on other clubs’ by-laws; and work that out. Jim AB5JK mentioned that he may have some old by-laws from when the CARC was formed, under former management.

Thanks to our open door day on March 22 we have 4 new members so far: Dee KF5UDO, James WW5XX, Manuel KF4CCS and Dave WA6YJW. Welcome and thank you to all!

Since our treasurer Cici AA5EK was absent due to work Jim AB5JK read her treasurer report: we currently have $246 in dues collected, and $274 in the radio fund. That does not include the new members’ dues and some donations from the new members. An update in April will state the new, correct total.

Snowbirds Roger K0YY and Marylin KB0LJW will be leaving Texas next week and return to Colorado. But they’ll be back next year; because their dues have been paid! 🙂

After all of this small talk it was time for business; and the annual elections were held. The results of these elections are as follows:

  • New president: Jason KF5EJX
  • New vice president: Jim AB5JK
  • New treasurer: Cici AA5EK
  • Old secretary: Erik K5WW

The meeting was officially adjourned at 7:55 PM; but the big winner is this guy:


Say hello to Mr. David Blumenfeld WA6YJW of Utopia. He must be the most patient person in the world; because Dave had been a Technician class operator for more than 50 years!! But not anymore; because with little more than a few pen strokes Dave upgraded his license to General class. Congratulations, and welcome to the club!

The next meeting will be April 22.

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