54 of them!

So… what have you done this past weekend? Sit around on your backside and did a bit of Echolink internet stuff? Tsk, tsk, tsk…

A few of the club members actually did the hard stuff. The stuff that doesn’t go over the internet. You know: radio waves only. In a contest called the CQ WPX SSB. It’s sponsored annually by a magazine called (I hope you’re sitting down!) CQ Magazine.

And despite the lack of time by all of those members we really had a ball! We got a few dozen new DXCC entities in the KN5S logbook, and a few new states on SSB too.

KF5EJX and K5WW at CQ WPX SSB 2014

KF5EJX (r) and K5WW (l) at CQ WPX SSB 2014. Image copyright KU5Z!

And as always: for a few dudes with two 100 W radios and a wire dipole we didn’t score half bad either:

KN5S 2014 CQ WPX SSB score

10 meters was amazing, as you can see! Where were all you Technicians? Don’t tell me you need a written invitation every time. Right?

And here is the list of all the countries (ie. DXCC entities) we made QSOs with, in that handful of hours:

KN5S 2014 CQ WPX SSB DXCCs logged

Yeah, click it; it’ll get bigger.

54 DX Century Club entities in the log – wow!

How about that, huh? Surely you didn’t do any better than that, on your smartphone?

This is the current total number of DXCCs worked/confirmed, via the LoTW:

KN5S DXCC totals after CQ WPX SSB 2014

And here’s something similar, for the total number of states confirmed, via LoTW:

KN5S WAS after CQ WPX SSB 2014

Obviously we still need some help on 80 meters! Oh, wait just a second there…

Close, so close, to DXCC and 5 Band WAS. Just a few more good contests, I’m sure!

Thanks to all of those interested enough in the club’s activities to show up!

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