Getting closer

President KF5EJX and rusty sidekick K5WW contacted several new countries in the CQ WW WPX SSB contest a few weeks ago. And the fruits of all that hard work are starting to roll in!

First of all: thanks to the power of the Logbook of The World soon after the contest we got several new countries confirmed:

KN5S DXCC 10 April 2014

CARC DXCC standings as of April 12, 2014

As you know we already had quite a few; but this latest contest added a whole lot of them in SSB. And 10 meters was in such fantastic shape that one single contest actually produced more countries on it than all other contests combined!

But we also received a few new paper QSL cards! One of those came straight from the (US) Virgin Islands.


Thanks Fred K9VV/NP2X for paying for the stamp 🙂

The second one came out of North Dakota, with a little bit of a detour through Houston:

KC0W front

KC0W back

Thanks Tom KC0W and mister Lowrent W0MM 🙂

And with that we have our 50th state confirmed on 20 meters!

KN5S WAS 10 April 2014

CARC WAS total as of April 12, 2014

And look: now we even have all 50 states confirmed on 5 bands, and almost in SSB! So many awards, so little time 😉

Thanks to everyone for your help!

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  1. Jason Shell says:

    more hot dogs more contacts.

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